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When we started this business “Beginviyant”, we had many questions about reasons behind the online shopping and the offline shopping.

Buying vegetables, buying fruits is one of the issues that needs to be solved on a daily basis in today’s hectic and crowded life.  In the today’s background, the dream of bringing home fresh vegetables and fruits is in everyone’s eyes.  Going to the market every day to bring these vegetables and fruits is like taking time out of your daily busy life for these essentials and on other site it is very important also.  We are here to solve this problem for you.

We are bringing you an online as well as offline platform which will end your many problems of the shopping of vegetables and fruits from the market. As it offers a all the varieties of vegetables and fruit items to choose at one place, home delivery to allow the people to shop from the comfort of their couch, no need to go out and shop in crowds.  Time saving instead of wasting time stuck in traffic., one can choose to stay at home and opt for an easy shopping.  There are many online options are available on one click, where that require a number of shops to visit while shopping offline. 

The most important reason for the growth of ONLINE shopping is that there are many offers on offer, big discounts on each and every thing.  In view of all this, retail traditional markets have also begun to offer substantial discounts on the purchases of various goods.  And people are using these discounts to save a lot.  The better the discount, the better the savings, the math of all is now made. 

We were amazed at how much better it would be to be able to reduce one essential expense per month due to other necessary expenses instead of giving huge discounts.  Hence, we  began to think how to make it happen?  And we have come to the conclusion that vegetables and fruits are the most essential expenses of every month of every house and also milk is the another necessary essential of every house.  Hence, we are trying to provide 21 Days Milk Free every month which will reduce the monthly expenses on milk purchases due to the monthly purchases of vegetables and fruits for every month upto the amount of INR 2,999/- and above.

Here is what our company is trying to do. On the monthly vegetable and fruits shopping of each month, without spending a penny more, instead of giving discounts through cash back and offers we are offering 21 days milk of 500 gm AMUL TAAZA every month.  We think that through this, people can actually start for their savings through their expenses. With this solution, we are trying to solve the one and only problem of people about their savings, that they cannot save money because of their day to day expenses.

Beginviyant Enterprises LLP is Mumbai’s new start-up of online and offline vegetable and fruits home delivery organization with an essential offer.   Beginviyant Enterprises LLP “BE” is India’s first super savings provider online and offline shop (market) in the vegetable and fruits space. The company uses its in-house technology platform to manage transport of the company to run a fast and lean supply chain – from markets straight to customers in Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai.

Beginviyant wants to set the bar for e-commerce footprint of Mumbai.  BE’s primary goal is to provide a world class service to our customers who shop online and offline. Beginviyant was formed in 2019 and its principals were set by three partners.  The offer combined with its impeccable professional standards has created a satisfied and loyal customer base.

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